Top 5 Singles Bars in NoMad

New York City offers a diverse array of singles bars catering to various preferences and socializing styles. Whether you’re in the mood for a trendy and lively atmosphere or seeking a cozy and intimate setting, these bars provide the perfect backdrop for mingling and meeting new people.

The Smith (1150 Broadway)

The Smith 1150 Broadway in New York City is a trendy spot known for its great cocktails and lively atmosphere, making it ideal for singles looking to immerse themselves in a vibrant scene. With a focus on creating a welcoming environment for mingling and meeting new people, this hotspot is perfect for those who enjoy a high-energy social setting. Located at 1150 Broadway, New York, NY 10010, The Smith offers a mix of sophistication and fun, making it a popular choice among singles.

For a night out at The Smith, expect to indulge in creative cocktails and engage in lively conversations with other singles. The vibrant ambiance and bustling energy make this spot a go-to destination for those seeking a dynamic social experience. With its prime location and reputation for fostering connections, The Smith 1150 Broadway is a top choice for singles looking to enjoy a night on the town.

Patent Pending (49 W 27th St)

Located at 49 W 27th St in New York City, Patent Pending is a hidden speakeasy that caters to singles seeking a unique and creative drinking experience. With its cozy ambiance and innovative cocktail menu, this establishment is ideal for those looking to mingle in a cool and intimate setting. The speakeasy vibe adds an element of mystery and exclusivity to the overall experience, making it a favorite among singles seeking something out of the ordinary.

Patent Pending offers a space where singles can unwind and connect over expertly crafted drinks in a relaxed atmosphere. The combination of creative libations and cozy surroundings sets the stage for meaningful interactions and memorable moments, making it a standout destination for those looking to delve into the city’s rich nightlife scene.

Thyme Bar (20 W 23rd St Cellar)

Nestled at 20 W 23rd St Cellar in New York City, Thyme Bar provides a cozy underground setting perfect for singles seeking a laid-back hangout. With its relaxed vibe and welcoming ambiance, this bar offers an ideal space for casual conversations and meeting new people. The intimate nature of Thyme Bar makes it a great choice for those looking to connect with others in a low-key environment.

At Thyme Bar, singles can enjoy a comfortable atmosphere while savoring drinks and engaging in conversations with fellow patrons. The relaxed setting encourages a sense of camaraderie and social mingling, creating an environment where meaningful connections can flourish. Whether you’re looking for a quiet night out or a place to meet new friends, Thyme Bar offers a welcoming respite in the bustling city.

The Flatiron Room – NoMad (37 W 26th St)

In the heart of NoMad at 37 W 26th St, The Flatiron Room offers an upscale whiskey bar experience for singles who appreciate elegance and sophistication. With live jazz music adding to the sophisticated ambiance, this establishment is perfect for those seeking a classy and refined atmosphere in which to socialize. The combination of premium spirits and live entertainment creates a unique setting that caters to singles with discerning tastes.

For singles looking to elevate their night out, The Flatiron Room provides a luxurious backdrop for mingling and enjoying the company of others. The rich atmosphere and impeccable service set the stage for a memorable evening, making it a top choice for those who appreciate high-quality cocktails and live music in an elegant setting.

Nonono (118 Madison Ave)

Known for its chic aesthetic and creative drink offerings, nonono at 118 Madison Ave in New York City is a stylish cocktail bar perfect for singles who enjoy trendy and upscale experiences. The modern ambiance and innovative libations create a vibrant setting that appeals to those in search of a fashionable and sophisticated atmosphere. With its sleek design and upscale vibe, nonono attracts singles looking to socialize in a stylish environment.

At nonono, patrons can expect to immerse themselves in a contemporary bar scene that pulses with energy and style. The combination of creative cocktails and modern decor sets a trendy tone for an evening of mingling and meeting new people. Whether you’re sipping on a signature drink or striking up a conversation with a fellow single, nonono offers a chic backdrop for a night out in the city.

Raines Law Room (48 W 17th St)

Tucked away at 48 W 17th St in New York City, Raines Law Room is an intimate speakeasy that exudes a vintage vibe and offers craft cocktails, making it an ideal setting for singles seeking a cozy and romantic ambiance. The intimate atmosphere of this hidden gem provides a charming backdrop for those looking to enjoy an evening of low-key socializing and connection. The vintage decor and expertly crafted drinks create a warm and inviting space for singles to relax and unwind.

Raines Law Room invites singles to step back in time and embrace the allure of a bygone era while enjoying expertly mixed cocktails in a cozy setting. The speakeasy concept adds an air of mystery and exclusivity to the experience, making it a memorable destination for those seeking a touch of nostalgia and intimacy in their social interactions. With its vintage charm and top-notch libations, Raines Law Room offers a unique and unforgettable experience for singles in search of a romantic and low-key evening out.